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Assistive Technology    
Persons with disabilities, educators and medical professionals are adopting the Ergodex technology to help with a variety of disabilities that affect computer use. With the DX1, the ability to improve accessibility and make computers easier to use is advancing the independence, productivity, education and inclusion of children and adults with disabilities.
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Cognitive Impairment
Use just the keys needed to simplify the interface. Persons with cognitive impairments can reduce struggles with attention and purposeful key selection. The DX1 is scalable, just add more keys when ready and watch the freedom to communicate take off!

  Range of Motion
Personalize the layout for easy access. Individuals impacted by dexterity or range of motion disabilities can place keys anywhere on the surface of the Pad. Load up the Keys with commands that increase productivity and enhance the fun of using a computer!

Blind / Low Vision
Get the most out of applications for individuals that are blind or have low vision. Key board short cuts and drop down menus can be difficult to execute with a standard keyboard and mouse. Customizing the interface with the DX1 can avoid the frustration of having to recover from striking keys accidently.

Because Keys can be moved, you can design input configurations to match unique geometry of your hand. In addition, Keys can be arranged in functional clusters or "logical neighborhoods".

Keys can be assigned single or multi key Macros. DX1 Keys can be assigned blocks of text and can also start programs or launch web sites.  

The DX1 includes an 8 inch by 10 inch pad with an Active Surface of 7 inches by 9 inches, 25 DX1 keys (numbered 1 through 25), an installation CD (containing the software to power the DX1) and a set of pre-printed labels. The DX1 is USB 2.0 compatible, and works on Windows 2000 sp3/4 and Windows XP sp2/3 systems. (Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux are not supported at this time.)



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