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Ergodex Partner Programs

Our partners are valuable to Ergodex. Whether you are a channel partner, OEM, product designer, software developer, system builder or educator, our partnership with you serves always to enhance our reputation and our innovation. Our partnerships can do the same for you. Learn more about becoming an Ergodex partner below:

Channel Partners

Whether you are focused on retailing, e-tailing, VAR, or distribution, you can build your business and break away from the competition by partnering with Ergodex. Be like Fry's, ThinkGeek and Synnex, and take advantage of Ergodex' innovation, value, brand recognition, and great programs. For information about offering our products to your customers, please contact us at Channel Partner Program.

System Manufacturers, Builders and Integrators

Add value by providing breakthrough capability. Differentiate your product in the crowded competitive marketplace. Join Dell, Falcon Northwest and others, and let Ergodex' innovative products, like the DX1 Input System, help position your systems a cut above the rest of the market. For information about adding our products to your systems, please contact us at Systems Program.

Software Developers

Do you want to enhance the User Interface in your software? Provide your customers with lots of power on a single keystroke? Understand the Ergodex API and programming model? Learn how others, such as Cedara Software, are extending the user interface and increasing productivity and convenience for their customers, by contacting us at Software Developers.


Do you have special features in mind that you would like added to an Ergodex product? Would you like to market a modified version of an Ergodex product under your own brand? Join other OEMs, like CH Products, who are adding special functions and features to provide innovative solutions for their customers. Learn how to create dedicated products, designed for your customers' needs and specifications through our OEM Program.

Technology Licensing

Are you designing or developing a new system, a new keyboard or other input device, a new piece of equipment, a new instrument? Even a new game? Anything that your customers use with their hands? Incorporate our breakthrough technology, the Ergodex Sensor Platform with its Active Objects and Active Surface, into your new product. Take your customers to a higher level of convenience and productivity. Lower their learning curve while increasing their enthusaism for and satisfaction with your products. Contact us about incorporating the Ergodex Sensor Platform into your product line at Technology Licensing.

Educators and Educational Institutions

Are you teaching design and need a breakthrough innovation to stimulate out-of-the box thinking? Do you teach engineering, architecture, digital content creation, graphic arts, or accounting, and want to give your students the latest productivity tool? Join numerous institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon's School of Design, and Stanford University, by contacting us at Education Program.


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