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February 3, 2009

Feature Comparison: KeyJack for OS X vs Ergodex Manager for Windows

KeyJack, a separate program for the DX1, is being bundled with the DX1 and sold by Solitude Northwest.  The DX1 already includes Ergodex Manager which enables the DX1 to run on Windows 2000/sp3-4, and XP/sp2-3.  (Ergodex Manager does not support Vista at this time.)  KeyJack is software developed and supported by PolyMicro Systems, and enables the DX1 to run on Mac OS X v 10.4 and above. The user has the option to install the DX1 on a Windows or Mac system or both.  Accordingly, each presents a unique interface and functions somewhat differently depending on whether you are using the DX1 on a Mac or PC.

Comparative Feature Set

 Ergodex Manager:
DX1 with Windows
DX1 with Mac
Pad, Tray, 25 keys Y Y
Second set of 25 keys Optional Optional
No. of pads/system 1 1
Color Blue Blue
USB Interface Y Y
Software Ergodex Manager v1.3 KeyJack v1.0
Input types    
    Keyboard Key Y Y
    Keyboard Key Combinations Y, unlimited strings Y, unlimited strings
    Mouse Button Y N
    Mouse Movement N N
URL, file Launch Y Y
Text Block Y, unlimited size N
On-the-fly Recording Y Y
Record from Apple Menu Bar n/a Y
Apple Script Support n/a Y
Record Apple Modifier Keys n/a Y
Multi - Levels n/a Y
Press/Release Macros Y N
Macro Editing Y N
Macro Timing Management* Y N
Profile Map Management Y Y
Auto Profile Switching Y Y
Profile Map Sharing Y N
Global Profile Y Y
Profile Maps Included 60+ None
Skin/Template Creation Y N
User ID Management Y Y
Auto Update N Y

* Macros may be played back at the speed they were recorded (with the recorded timing delays between key strokes) or in blast mode (without the timing delays between key strokes, that is, as fast as possible).


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