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Vista and Mountain View, Ca. CH Products and Ergodex announce the CH Multi Function Panel. The revolutionary MFP enables flight simmers to design their own cockpits, either duplicating any existing aircraft from a Cessna 172 to F-16 Fighting Falcon to a Boeing 777, or designing their own novel cockpit. Each MFP comes with 25 keys which can be positioned, removed and re-positioned to any location on the active surface of the Panel, making each MFP completely customizable. Each of the 25 keys is movable, programmable, wireless, and has no batteries.


By using MFPs to emulate avionics panels, communications panels or GPS panels, flight simmers get added realism in their desktop or home-built cockpits. Through the placement and programming of keys on the MFP, any avionics panel can be emulated.


The CH Control Manager, optimized for flight simulation and other entertainment software, is combined in the MFP with Ergodex' awarding winning technology, allowing up to 16 panels to be used on a single PC. 

Multi Function Panel (MFP)




The MFP also includes a removable clear tray that allows users to create custom key templates to be placed underneath the tray (see example above), aiding in the identification of key placement and adding realism.  Sample templates, such as the one shown above, will be available at no charge, on the CH website (  and the CH Hangar ( 


The MFP is designed for any Windows application, including, but not limited to, PC Gaming and Flight Simulation.  The MFP has the same functionality as a keyboard, with some major advantages.  Each key can be removed and re-positioned wherever the user wants on the MFP tray.  Each key is held in place with a re-usable, inexhaustible adhesive, sometimes called Molecular Velcro, which allows re-positioning the keys over and over again, without losing any stickiness. The MFP can be seen at: 

and ordered at:


With CH's Control Manager, which supports Windows 98, ME, 2K, XP, XP 64 bit, and Vista 32/64 bit, a flight sim enthusiast can add up to 16 CH controllers, including multiple MFPs. Software such as Flight Sim, Combat Sim and so on, sees the controllers as one device.  With Control Manager, games which are limited to supporting only one controller can be used with many controllers.


"Adding the MFP to our joysticks, yokes, throttles and the rest of our product line gives our customers the opportunity to build complete and realistic cockpit environments on a desktop for a minimal price." said Debby McDowell, Director of Marketing for CH Products. "This is a real breakthrough for PC gaming and will take our customers to a new level of added realism."


"This product is our first thrust in OEM channel for bringing Ergodex technology to customers in new markets. Working with CH Products to bring the Ergodex Engine to flight simmers and other gaming enthusiasts is an exciting new avenue for our technology" said Scott Rix, CTO of Ergodex. "New features and new implementations of the Ergodex technology are coming not only in products from Ergodex, but also in OEM product lines, such as CH's MFP, and in the form of licensed technology in new instrumentation both within and outside the computer industry."


The MFP allows you to program each key in any way you want, depending on the game. Each key can perform as any combination of the following:


       Joystick buttons

       Mouse buttons

       Joystick axis

       Mouse axis 

Additional trays and keys may be purchased so that the customer can set up one tray for one game, another tray for another game, a third tray for Windows applications (such as Photoshop or Word) and so on.


The MFP includes one CH Panel, one clear key tray, one set of keys (keys 1-25) and CH Control Manager Software version 5.0, and is available now.



About CH Products

CH Products has been a leading manufacturer of advanced motion control solutions for more than twenty-five years. With two distinct business divisions: Industrial and Gaming, CH Products develops, manufactures, and markets an extensive customizable product line that is designed to meet the expanding needs of today's global economy.



About Ergodex
Founded in 2000, Ergodex provides people with dramatically improved ways of interacting with computers and other equipment. Ergodex technology helps people gain the upper hand in controlling increasingly complex software. Ergodex Sensor Platform (ESP) technology is the next logical step in the keyboard-mouse continuum, allowing people to interact with computers in ways that are more intuitive, dynamic and powerful. Ergodex, DX1, and Ergodex Sensor Platform are trademarks of Ergodex. Ergodex is privately held.






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